Researcher Development: Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews

searching strategy 29-03

This library workshop is offering a guided introduction to finding information for your research work. Systematic reviews use transparent and replicable methods to locate, evaluate and synthesise all research relevant to a particular question.  They are most commonly found in health, medicine and psychology.  Therefore, this workshop will focus on developing a search strategy for identifying literature from these disciplines.

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Researcher Development: Build a Research Website in Under 3 Hours


A website of your own is a good way to make your research more visible, whether this is a website for you as an individual researcher or a site to showcase your whole research group. You can use your website to explain your research, list your publications, point out your collaborations, blog, link to social media and note your awards and achievements.

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Research Methods: The Focus Group in Academic Research

focus group

Having provided a definition and traced the origins and use of focus groups in academic research, this session will examine the types of focus group used and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Drawing on examples of research projects, it will also consider when to use focus groups and the factors determining the number to conduct. A comparison with other forms of qualitative research, including interviews and observation, will also be made. This section of the workshop will finish with participants considering what type of focus group would be most applicable to their research, and the research design that would accompany this.

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Essay Writing for Postgraduates workshop


The library currently delivers a number of academic development workshops specifically for postgraduate research students. So strengthen your academic writing skills at postgraduate level through the library’s upcoming ‘Essay Writing for Postgraduates’ workshop.

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